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Welcome to The Sum Of the Parts (Music)

The Home of Ukulele Orchestras in the Hunter Valley, NSW

We teach ukulele. More importantly, we help you connect to a community that values music in their lives. Apparently we here in the Hunter region do that differently to how they do it in other places.  Watch this 4 minute video to give you an idea of the sort of fun we have and the sort of things you can learn, and how…

We run nine weekly Ukestras (ukulele orchestras) for all ages in the Lower Hunter. ‘We’ are Mark and Jane, and friends and co-workers – Danielle Scott, Susan Gleeson and others. Every month there is a beginners ukulele workshop, as well as numerous Ukulele Entrée (six week) courses which teach the basics of ukulele musicianship. We also teach children in Jukestras (Junior Ukestras) – in schools and after school. Our community choir (Ukestral Voices) meets each week, and there is even an occasional banjo group (Mark wishes that we did not mention that; but that is merely the legacy of many year’s of awful banjo jokes). Every week of the year (except maybe Christmas) The Sum of The Parts (Music) helps between 160 and 200 adults, and 100 children to make music and to learn, together. Why do we do this? To help people have fun together through music.

Please feel free to stay around and explore our website. There’s lots of bits – for adults, kids, parents, school principals and ukulele teachers / leaders. Or stay on this page and watch and listen to a few more snippets of how, what and why we do things in the way that we do.

We hope to play music with you one day (and help you learn! and connect up with others) ….

Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart

Latest Video

This video shows our community’s creative efforts at their best. Thanks to Groovy Banana for a wonderful production.

This is community music; people of all ages coming together and having a go!

ABC 1233 Storybox Interview

In August 2014 Mark was the chance recipient of the ABC1233 Storybox. This is a recording of that 13 minute interview on breakfast radio.

Mark at TEDxNewy

Have a look at this 16 minute presentation by Mark at TEDxNewy back in November 2011.

We do hope that you are playing music with others, somewhere and somewhen in your life. If you need a hand with that, grab a ukulele and come and see us.